Erectile Dysfunction Quiz

The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) questionnaire below will provide you with a quick result in the form of a score from 5 to 25.

Men with concerns about their erectile function can take this quick test and get some information on whether it might be good to seek help for ED.

Answer the questions below and you will get your confidential results immediately by email.

What Qualifies as Erectile Dysfunction?

Most men have experienced some difficulty in getting or keeping an erection. Having trouble when you’re nervous or have had too much to drink may not be something to be concerned about.

It isn’t erectile dysfunction unless you are experiencing ongoing difficulty.

The Canadian Study of Erectile Dysfunction identified that about half of men over 40 experience some ED symptoms (Canadian Urological Association erectile dysfunction guideline 2015).

Though all men may experience an occasional lapse of sexual function, ED is the persistent inability to achieve an erection, despite being sexually aroused.

IIEF-5 Erectile Dysfunction Questionnaire Scoring

Each of the questions has five possible responses, with score values from one to five. Your total score is simply the sum of the values of all five answers to the ED test questions

Possible ED Test Score Ranges

  • 22-25 – No erectile dysfunction
  • 17-21 – Mild erectile dysfunction
  • 12-16 – Mild to moderate erectile dysfunction
  • 8-11 – Moderate erectile dysfunction
  • 5-7 – Severe erectile dysfunction

The results of this brief self-evaluation should be used as a guide for whether you might want to consult with a doctor, and not as a replacement for a medical consultation.

Answer the five questions and the results will be automatically emailed to you in a minute.

The information you choose to share will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

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